We help employers attract and hire the top LGBTQ talent and build a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Our sister company operates www.LGBTQCareers.Co. We have a growing database of more than 65,000 LGBTQ+ and diversity candidates that we can promote your openings to.

According to Guardian’s Workforce 2020 report, nearly 12 million Americans identify as LGBTQ. An increasing number of organizations are realizing the importance of diversity in the workplace and its benefit.

Hiring people of different ethnicities, backgrounds, and ages allows companies to tap into diverse thinking and creativity. A diverse workforce also gives you better insight into your customers. They’re diverse too, after all.

We regularly participate in LGBTQ+ events and Pride celebrations across the country attracting highly skilled and talented candidates across the rainbow spectrum. We understand the significance of providing a safe channel that networks with companies who prioritize and promote diversity and inclusion. One of our highest performing executives who is spearheading LGBTQCareers, proudly identifies with the LGBTQ+ community. She has launched meaningful initiatives supporting helping our clients support inclusion and diversity as well as empower LGBTTQQIAAP+ candidates.