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If you want to hire a Rockstar, schedule a 30-minute phone consultation, and you will be paired with a Headhunter that specializes in your industry and/or technology discipline. Together, you will discuss your opening, the available talent pool as well as your interview process.

Schedule a call if:

  • You want to hire a Rockstar.
  • You want to avoid a mis-hire that could derail your career.
  • You want to take your pick from your competitors’ best people.
  • You are tired of wasting your time talking to unqualified candidates.
  • You want to work with a Headhunter that understands your industry and technology environment.
  • This call is for hiring managers and Talent Acquisition Professionals who need to make critical hires and want to partner with a Headhunting firm that has proven success record of reaching Rockstars.
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Over 90% of the candidates we have placed are still employed after three years!

Free Area Talent Map™

We will generate an Area Talent Map, using our proprietary patented technology, that will identify every … single … potential … candidate that matches your job requirement including those at your competitors.
Don’t be surprised to see every member of your team on this report! We find everyone. We will put the report together after the call, and it’s yours to keep whether or not you decide to use us.
Note: We are not a match for every organization. We take on only a limited number of new clients per practice area so as not to compete with, or poach talent from, our existing clients!