We tailor our search services to your requirements. Across our practice areas we offer a variety of recruiting services designed to assist you in meeting your specific hiring and staffing requirements.

Direct Hiring

ExpertHiring is one of the nation’s leading Direct Hiring firms. We act as an extension of your company’s internal recruitment team: sourcing candidates, interviewing them, and assisting with every step of the hiring process through the offer and start date, whether you need to hire one employee or an entire team. Over 90% of the Direct Hire candidates we placed are still employed after three years!

Executive Search

When the search is complex, and discretion and confidentiality are at a premium, our executive search service can help your company attract the very best candidates in your industry.
During the executive search process, we will conduct cultural assessments, clearly define search strategies, handle candidate research and outreach, arrange confidential interviews, and assist with negotiations and referencing. You can also expect insightful market data trend reporting, compensation guidelines, retention framework guidance, and interview and assessment coaching.

Contract Staffing

Close your resource gaps. Alleviate delivery pains. Boost productivity. Drive critical projects.
You have days – not weeks or months – to onboard great talent. Our full-service contract recruiter teams partner with you to identify your talent gaps, business challenges and hiring requirements.
A contract workforce can be challenging to manage. That’s where we come in. We handle sourcing, vetting, onboarding, HR/payroll, benefits, PTO, performance management and off-boarding so you can stay focused on your business. Our fair, competitive and transparent pricing models reduce your liabilities, minimize financial burdens and improve cost controls.